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Tooth Fillings are something that everyone has been through, and revamped their teeth with, at least once in their life. A tooth filling comes in handy if one has a minor tooth decay due to plaque-that’s where the bacteria proliferates. It works by restoring the teeth to their normal shape, appearance and function by filling in cavities without losing integrity.It’s a quick method to get rid of your minor bacterial pains and you’ll be back to your busy life without even knowing the pain was ever there.  Other forms of tooth restoration, such as gold or ceramic crowns, are an expensive alternative to amalgam and tooth-colored filling materials.

Your Dental health is at your mercy too!

  • Ofcourse the dentists do their best to keep you from pain , nevertheless it’s a patients duty as well to maintain a healthy lifestyle and abide by some post-procedure habits.
  • Only have soft and easily masticated eatables for your first few meals so Tooth filling can settle down perfectly. Gold, amalgam, and composite fillings take about 24-48 hours to set, whereas, Ceramic fillings set immediately with the help of a blue dental light.

  • In the unlikely event of pain, you must take pain medication if needed and if doesn’t serve the purpose call us straight away.
  • Abstain from very hot and very cold foods and beverages. can disrupt the bond of fillings. Avoid hard, chewy, or sticky foods. Chew on the opposite side of your mouth to the filling.

We hope these few tips will help you out, but still if you notice any issues with your teeth, mouth, or fillings, contact us Dental Professionals (Pvt.) Ltd. immediately.

Why should I have Fillings treatment at Dental Professionals?

Dental Professionals, located in Lahore, is offering services of dentists, who are American\ British trained and licensed, equipped with extensive dental knowledge and valuable experience. We constantly improvise our techniques by adapting latest technology. We feel deep pleasure and satisfaction in saying that, unparalleled, we provide the best Dental Solutions in Pakistan.


Who carries out Fillings at Dental Professionals?

Dr. Amjad Ali DDS-NYU (USA) (Periodontics, Implants) Dr.Saiqa Ahmed DDS-NYU (USA) (Cosmetics, Endodontics & Restorative Dentistry),

Both these specialists are Members of American Dental Association and take care of Tooth Fillings at Dental Professionals  .


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