what are the consequences of delaying dental treatment

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Delay can be attributed to dental decay growth. No dentist can predict how quickly decay will spread.


Following are the Consequences of Delaying Dental Treatment:

  • Fillings can be bigger and more surfaces of the tooth the filling will cover. The more surfaces, the more expensive the filling is. 
  • A filling can no longer fix the tooth because nerve may become involved requiring a root canal. As decay grows into the tooth, if it reaches the nerve space, you may experience pain and swelling. Once a Cavity reaches the nerve the only way to save the tooth is with a Root canal treatment.
  • As decay grows down the tooth, there are points in which the tooth cannot be repaired due to the anatomy of the tooth. Once it reaches these areas, the only option is to remove the tooth. 

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Please Do Keep this thing in mind that replacing a tooth is always expensive than repairing a tooth. 

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